Happy endings are not as important as the way that leads to them.




fairytale_landscape_by_reinmar84-d6uaii7.jpgMy dilemma is that i love reading stories. ever since i was a little girl this was the only hobby i could enjoy. growing up i realised that i wanted more than comic books and fairytales so i started looking for alternatives. i stumbled across a new kind of stories,not real literature but not bad stories, that was in the beginning of my teenage years, so i read what i could find of those but along with it i read the real genuine literature. so as i grew older i could tell the difference between a trashy story and a good novel or a play. now that the language barrier has vanished i still find myself reading the trashy stuff not knowing how bad they are but i stop reading when i realise my misjudgment. but sometimes i find a nice heartwarming story among the filth and that’s why I keep going back digging for a nice tale that would put a smile on my face and takes me away from my chaotic world.


-Is it my luck or do i have the recurring coincidence syndrome???
Again just finished a story where the heroine loses her memory and literally closed my eyes to choose another one just to find the heroine loses her memory too,weird.


-My black rubber band which i had on my wrist for almost two years snapped off at the exact second when i reached the word “snap” in a book i was reading.