Wait a Minute!

Wait a Minute Series: West Baker                     By Dai Alanye


Frankie, the daughter of Charly Biscoe—heroine of You’ll See! and Not That I…—is graduating from high school and [maybe] heading to college. Her strongest field is physics but her mother advises chemistry and her father suggests the Marine Corps.

The US is at war, and Frankie’s cousin—thwarted at love and greatly depressed—is entering the Army. Her friends all seem to have their futures planned, while she’s in a quandary. Even to attend the Prom she must choose between Caleb the chess-playing wimp and Conan the Klutz whose idea of romance involves the back seat of a car and stealing her undies. 93a79314297be9722fd6eb9df53ce9ccde59e0a3

Hide the Child by Dai Alanye

Hide the Child


Your husband can’t give you children. Rather than wait for years and adopt legally you find a woman who’s bearing the perfect baby, and she needs money. Joy! But in time your husband’s health fails. He dies, leaving you homeless and broke, pursued by creditors. Then the boy’s biological father manages to discover you, and demands his son. What can you do except…?

Goblin Realm

Goblin Realm By Dai Alanye

Fiction » Science fiction » Adventure

Girl Scouts and Marines pointlessly abducted by a flying saucer then dumped on an alien world to face dangerous lifeforms. No preparation,no idea where they are, no plausible idea of what’s wanted of them beyond facing dangerous creatures. How can they find food, shelter, safety? Unknown, unknown, unknown.5459143be942daea1e5650aabd8f576b93afae15

West Baker Series By Dai Alanye

West Baker Series

A woman who’s been a bit too indiscreet and a man whose self-control needs a tune-up, plus a little girl who doesn’t even know her own name. That’s how the story starts, and the tale carries on into the next generation. Half the town of West Baker might be scandalized by the antics of Chuck, Charly and Frankie, but they intend to struggle on to the bitter (or happy) ending.

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