Are there any books about what falling in love is really like? Not fiction characters or perfect plot, just what really happens when you fall in love and struggle to stay in love because it’s the real world and it’s hard to stay in love forever without being faced with challenges and forced to make sacrifices along the way. I want to know what falling in love is like because I don’t know anything about it, never had the privilege to experience the life changing feeling when your whole world turns upside down. I’ve read books about it, heard songs about it and watched movies about it, now I want to know the real thing.


Another one

This is way too good to be true! I just finished watching Disney’s Sleeping Beauty and thought to myself “why didn’t they do her -the villain- in the game’s Disney event?” And again, opened the game to this 👇🏻

Too much 😂

Disney coincidence

So, I play this designing game and we’re having a Disney event right now. Before I play today I saw a clip from the Little Mermaid and saw the villain and thought maybe they’ll do her in this event, then I opened the game and what do you know!!! Today’s challenge is about the villain from the Little Mermaid!!! Weird!

Middle age surprise

So I just found out that I’m a middle aged woman! I don’t feel like I’m a woman yet let alone a middle aged one! I feel like someone watching a movie, but instead of watching it from the beginning I have to watch from the middle because there is no beginning. I don’t feel like I started living I’m still waiting for my life to start but here I am already in the middle of it!

Dear Future Me…

539850_943706418999338_3832490401574787463_nwhat do i want? if i started writing what i want and what i’m dreaming of, i think the first reaction of anyone who will read it will be laughing, i’m 99,9% sure this will happen. Do i dare to voice my deepest thoughts and dreams?  NO,but i’ll write them down maybe someday in the future ,when i’m wiser, i’ll read them and laugh too. So here it goes:


like any girl i always dreamed of the perfect man -as a husband of course- my perfect man would come from a far away lands,has no knowledge of my traditions and social life or my language but of course share the same beliefs that i was raised to believe in. love should be there (not the fiction books kind of love), And he should be an athlete -not a jock- maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

9eb5b7941c18dfe06d91f63775e377afNow that we covered the life partner we will need a home. it would be a log house in new zealand, Ireland, Scotland or the english countryside. My dream house is a small cabin in the mountains or a farm house with a red barn for a horse or two, a cow, a goat and some sheeps, and a beautiful dog to watch them. And a small piece of land to grow my own fruits and vegetables.


now that we settled in, i need a job. my dream job is to OWN a library and sit in it all day long ,reading as much as i can while spreading the knowledge to whoever loves reading like me. To go to that library from my secluded house i’ll need a car, a small truck would be great, i won’t be picky about the models it will be perfect as long as it takes me where i want to go.

these are my dreams,wishes, life goals, or what i need to call a life .


fairytale_landscape_by_reinmar84-d6uaii7.jpgMy dilemma is that i love reading stories. ever since i was a little girl this was the only hobby i could enjoy. growing up i realised that i wanted more than comic books and fairytales so i started looking for alternatives. i stumbled across a new kind of stories,not real literature but not bad stories, that was in the beginning of my teenage years, so i read what i could find of those but along with it i read the real genuine literature. so as i grew older i could tell the difference between a trashy story and a good novel or a play. now that the language barrier has vanished i still find myself reading the trashy stuff not knowing how bad they are but i stop reading when i realise my misjudgment. but sometimes i find a nice heartwarming story among the filth and that’s why I keep going back digging for a nice tale that would put a smile on my face and takes me away from my chaotic world.